Kandeh accuses First Family of Jammeh-like behavior

Kandeh accuses First Family of Jammeh-like behavior

Opposition leader Mama Kandeh is accusing the Barrow family of acting in a manner no different from that of the former President Yahya Jammeh and his family.

According to Mr. Kandeh, the brother of First Lady Fatoumata Bah-Barrow is using one of the vehicles seized by the Justice Department from Mr. Jammeh.

Kandeh criticized the use of the vehicle but did not name which of the First Lady’s brother has been using one of Jammeh’s confiscated vehicles.

Jammeh came to power accusing the Jawara government of corruption and living flamboyant lifestyles. He seized properties of those that worked with his predecessor only for him and his ministers to drive the seized cars and live more flamboyantly.

“The properties that have been seized from Jammeh are being used by the First Lady’s brother and he is not even a government official. This should not be because investigations into Jammeh’s assets is still ongoing,” he said.

“I thought these are the people [referring to Barrow and his ministers] that came to power with the understanding that there is a need for a New Gambia but they are no different.”

The First Lady was goofed in June for allegedly giving one of Jammeh’s cars left behind to a Senegalese businessman, Kallilu Waggeh, who has ties to the First Family.

President Adama Barrow was reported to be in Saudi Arabia attending a meeting with U.S. President Donald J. Trump when First Lady Fatouamata Bah-Barrow demanded the keys to $198,000 Mercedes G-Wagon be handed over to Mr. Waggeh.

The opposition leader made the comments after taking part in cleaning the capital, Banjul, which he says has been neglected by the past regimes and the current administration.

Kandeh last month alleged that ministers of President Adama Barrow’s unity government were corrupt and redirecting foreign aid and loans to fend for new lives of luxury.

It led to his questioning by the police and a sudden denial of a permit for him to host a rally in the southwestern city of Brikama, where the new government has strong support.

Kandeh’s supporters and that of the coalition government, especially the UDP have become sworn political rivals. His quick response to floods that stroke the provincial city of Kuntaur has left the government and its supporters bitter.

President Barrow, most of his cabinet ministers and senior aides were all on a religious trip to the Arabic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia performing the Hajj when disaster cuffed multiple towns.

While Kandeh gained praise, the government faced criticism for its slow response. It took a week for the Vice President Fatoumata Tambajang, and National Disaster Management Agency to respond.

Gambia government delivered aid days after Kandeh had been already seen as the superhero for handing over the first financial and food aid needed by the people of Kuntaur.

Kandeh is directly engaging potential voters in hopes to upset the next presidential polls, in which Mr. Barrow is expected to step aside.

Kandeh has left The Gambia on Tuesday for Europe, where he would be seeking more support from the Gambia’s powerful Diaspora bloc, which has been divided over supporting him.

His supporters criticized the Barrow administration personnel for frequently traveling and racking in per diems in thousands of dalasis but the Kandeh frequented neighboring Senegal.

This is, however, his first trip to Europe, just weeks after the return of another future presidential hopeful and Member of Parliament, Halifa Sallah toured the Scandinavia to meet with supporters.

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