Out of D213.3M in State Aircraft Account, Jammeh left less than D81K

Former President Yahya Jammeh had a special account at the Central Bank of The Gambia from which he bought a new plane and pays for the maintenance of his private jets.

At least $4.74 million dollars (213.3 million dalasis) have been deposited into the Special Aircraft Account but at the time Jammeh left power, he emptied the account leaving no more than $1781 (D80,145 dalasis).

At least $2 million (D90 million dalasis) was transferred from the account to Jammeh’s business partner, Fadi George Magazi to procure a presidential VIP plane for Jammeh from the Belgian capital, Brussels.

The ex-president has four planes in his aircraft fleet, which the country’s Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh said would be auctioned off to recover some of the country’s stolen wealth.

An estimated $147 million has been siphoned by Jammeh in the last three years of his rule, preliminary findings by Gambian authorities indicate.

The findings are so far being collaborated by testimonies being made by his former aides to a Commission scrutinizing Jammeh’s financial ventures. Dozens of documents have been presented as evidence to tieing Jammeh to millions of missing funds.

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