Kandeh questions legitimacy of probe into Jammeh’s assets

Kandeh questions legitimacy of probe into Jammeh’s assets

Gambian opposition leader, Mama Kandeh has questioned the validity of a probe into former President Yahya Jammeh’s assets, questioning the Barrow administration’s ability to defend the investigation.

Kandeh, who had faced backlash for stating he would have offered Mr. Jammeh amnesty said the Commissioners at the Commission of Inquiry “do not know what they are doing” because none of them are detectives.

“Unfortunately, the Commission members are just private lawyers hired to conduct an investigation. These people do not even know what they are even doing and just affecting businesses owned by young Gambians,” Kandeh said.

“They should be very careful. Whatever was given by President Jammeh to ordinary Gambians, they must not forfeit that and give it to another Gambian.”

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow appointed a veteran attorney, Surahata Janneh to lead the Commission with a banker, Abeosy George and an accountant, Bai Mass Saine in July.

The Commission has since uncovered extensive financial malpractices, theft, and corruption in the Jammeh administration that has dismayed the citizens.

Jammeh had been ordering his aides to withdraw millions in cash from the Central Bank and secret accounts in which diverted state money was stashed in commercial banks, disregarding financial regulations.

The erstwhile leader has mismanaged more than $145 million in the last three years of his rule, spending most of the money on living a life of luxury.

Kandeh was a member of Jammeh’s party and had served as the Member of Parliament of Jimara for the APRC until his expulsion from the party in 2012.

Supporters of the unity government that defeated Jammeh after Kandeh refused to join the coalition are accusing his party of being financed by the ousted ruler, allegations he denied.

Jammeh has vowed to rule the Gambia for a billion year but was forced out of the country in January. Barrow’s government accused him of looting the state’s reserve bank and leaving with more than $50 million dollars to Equatorial Guinea.

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