Gambia College lecturers to go on strike

Gambia College lecturers to go on strike

Teachers at the Gambia College have cautioned authorities that they will boycott classes if demands for wage increases and better working conditions are not met.

The instructors demanded a 45 percent increase in teaching allowance, being allowed a representative in the Senior Management Team and the Governing Council, and have vacant positions filled.

The college’s Governing Council have been given Monday as the deadline to meet these demands or students may show up to classrooms with no teachers.

Andrew Gomez, the Chair of the College Academic Staff Association said working conditions are deplorable and demands for them to be improved have been “ignored.”

The Staff Association sent its demands to the Ministry of Higher Education, the government department responsible for the college, but authorities have not responded since April.

School had quickly resolved similar issues after both teachers and students threatened to go on strike. Attempted students protests over living conditions were thwarted after several talks last year.

It has put uncertainty in the air over the possible teachers strike and it could upset students if the staff and governors do not reach an agreement.

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