Uganda: Opposition protesters arrested

Uganda: Opposition protesters arrested

The police in Uganda have arrested a Member of Parliament and at least 10 others for protesting against a new bid by the country’s long-serving ruler, Yoweri Museveni to clinch on to power.

Lawmakers Mr. Museveni have planned to make a change in the East African nation’s constitution that would see the president likey serve for life, the opposition alleges.

Uganda’s constitution forbids anyone 75 years and older to run for the nation’s highest office. Museveni, 73, will need to have the law axed to seek a sixth mandate.

Emilian Kayima, the police spokesperson said the protesters will be charged with unlawful assembly for taking to the streets without a permit.

A majority of the lawmakers from Museveni’s NRM party said they will support the bill to rid the constitution of what they call a “discriminatory law against senior and experienced citizens.”

The country’s constitution was amended in 2005 scrapping term limits and extending Museveni’s rule. He won a fifth term last year in polls that were ruled as not free or fair by international observers.

Uganda has experienced relative stability and economic growth under the Museveni. His presidency has been marred, however, by involvement in the civil war in the Congo and other parts Great Lakes region.

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