Barrow UN speech celebrated our hard-fought democracy

Barrow UN speech celebrated our hard-fought democracy

One must understand a situation to appreciate it. What transpired at the UNGA is bigger than any single individual or content of a speech.

For 22 years, The Gambia was the laughing stock of the world thanks to how our leader represented us. He embarrassed us with some ridiculously outlandish statements unbecoming of a leader. This was amidst a brutal and bloody reign of terror unleashed on a defenseless citizenry.

What President Barrow was able to do is restore the dignity and tattered image of the nation in the international world. He presented a speech that was measured in language and dignified in delivery.

The content of the speech is open to debate, but as we debate that, let us celebrate this moment that we all collectively fought for.

For well over 22 years, we fought rigorously to end our misery and in the process lost so many comrades. It is therefore imperative that we at least appreciate our gains of ending dictatorship by voting in a democratically elected government.

As someone who unyieldingly fought Jammeh’s tyranny for more than 22 long years, I am just happy that we overcame his evil deeds.

September 19th, 2017 will go down as one very important moment in our history as the day when Gambia’s hard-fought democracy was presented to the World.

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