Jammeh refused to refund borrowed state money

Jammeh refused to refund borrowed state money

Former President Yahya Jammeh had taken hundreds of millions from government agencies on loan but refused to repay the monies, leaving most of the agencies strapped for cash.

Jammeh had written to state enterprises, including the Port of Banjul and the state-owned petroleum company demanding millions that he promised would be repaid.

The government agencies funded projects and gave millions of dollars in cash to Mr. Jammeh but the ex-President refused to repay any of the loans.

The directors of the state companies afraid of falling out of favor with the self-serving ruler abstained from making repeated requests to have the loans paid.

The companies were forced to have them written off making the country’s economy lose hundreds of millions every year. The former President also took monies from the Central Bank as loans but has not paid them as well.

Jammeh was an absolute ruler and had total control of the country’s executive, legislature, and judiciary. He fired at will and had his aides withdrew hundreds of millions from state accounts.

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