President Barrow at UN: Diaspora played ‘crucial role’ in transforming Gambia

President Barrow at UN: Diaspora played ‘crucial role’ in transforming Gambia

President Adama Barrow highlighted the critical role played the Gambian Diaspora in returning democracy and the rule of the law to the country in his address to world leaders.

It is the first time that in more than three decades that a sitting Gambian president accentuate the significant bloc’ss political and economic aiding of the country.

“We also recognize the crucial role of Gambians in the Diaspora in contributing to the transformation of our motherland,” Barrow said while thanking the country’s development partners and friends for the invaluable budget and policy support.

Gambians in the Diaspora and the country’s international partners, mostly donor agencies are helping to address the challenges of job creation and youth irregular migration.

President Barrow has vowed to use the country’s meager resources wisely for sustainable socioeconomic development as the country’s economy begins to stabilize and businesses start opening.

Gambians in the Diaspora were the main financial backers of the opposition coalition that Barrow led to defeat Jammeh in the polls.

Millions were raised to fund talks and campaigns that led to the shocking defeat of ex-President Yahya Jammeh, ending decades of brutal repression and financial mismanagement by his regime.

Gambia’s Diaspora remain disenfranchised, making the right to vote a significant pursuit in their bid for reforms. They are hoping to see changes that would allow them to vote in the next general election and have a representative in the country’s parliament.

President Barrow will be having a town hall meeting with Gambians in New York, where he and senior members of his administration would be engaged in a dialogue with the Diaspora constituency.

The bloc remains influential and a strategic partner to the new government, but remains divided over several policy matters and political ideologies, with some disgruntled over recent appointments.

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