Gambia seeks more aid to help rebuild the country

Gambia seeks more aid to help rebuild the country

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow was selling his country’s development plan, outlining his administration’s strategy to improve the impoverished nation’s economy.

The Gambia’s economy is poised to surge under Mr. Barrow and he used his UN address to announce new proposals to the world as businesses eye the country from afar.

The Gambian leader is seeking more aid to rebuild his country. Great amount aid has been pouring in the country since Jammeh’s ouster.

We may be a small country but one with huge needs. As a matter of urgency, we have developed a New National Development Plan in line with the transformative agenda of the new government,” Mr. Barrow said.

“This development blueprint is designed to put the country back on track to economic growth and prosperity following two decades of mismanagement, corruption and widespread human rights violations.”

This new plan, according to one of the world’s newest leaders, is built on sound macroeconomic and fiscal policies that will
lead to stability and economic growth over the medium and long-term.

Gambia had lost many of its partners because of Jammeh’s foreign policy and deteriorating human rights conditions. Many of Gambia’s donors withheld funds.

The United Nations have asked for more support and aid to be given to the country following Barrow ascension to power. Many of The Gambia’s partners are returning to help and China has since forgiven Gambia’s debt to give the country a fresh start.

If the new administration maintains sound fiscal and governance policies, foreign aid to the small nation is likely to double.

The EU, which is The Gambia’s main development partner is streaming millions into the country to avert a migration exodus and keep the youths of the country at home.

Thousands of Gambians youths have crossed the Mediterranean into Europe. While somewhere running from Jammeh’s repressive rule, many were economic migrants seeking jobs to free their families from poverty.

Barrow’s government is finalizing plans for a roundtable donors’ conference to mobilize resources for its development of the country and sees international support as critical to its success.

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