Barrow promises to deepen cooperation with Sall

Barrow promises to deepen cooperation with Sall

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow said his country will seek greater cooperation with its neighbor, Senegal and challenge head on the difficulties they face.

Gambia and Senegal’s leaders have already signed several bilateral agreements, including in energy and security since January.

Barrow and Sall also met in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, where the two leaders spoke of areas of cooperation that need to be strengthened.

“We will pursue good neighborliness and cooperation with the sister Republic of Senegal and the countries of ECOWAS will remain, strategic partners,” said Mr. Barrow.

Senegal led West African forces to oust Gambia’s longtime despot, Yahya Jammeh and helped Mr. Barrow take over reigns in the small country, ushering in a new era.

At least 450 West African troops, most of them Senegalese forces remain in The Gambia to help stabilize the country.

However, opposition politicians and critics of President Barrow say the presence of Senegalese forces is no longer needed and should pull out since calm and normalcy has returned.

The leader of a new political party, Omar Beyai said Mr. Barrow is mortgaging the country to Senegal, giving its neighbor influence over the small nation.

The military chiefs of the two nations say partnering to face national and geopolitical security challenges together is not a matter of option but a must.

At least seven soldiers have been arrested for a failed revolt against Barrow’s new government, and for allegedly attempting to assassinate the new leader.

Security experts believe that Gambia would not have returned to normalcy without the presence of West African troops and fear that a sudden exit could see coups ravage the country.

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