Gambia’s former spy chief Yankuba Badjie hospitalized

Gambia’s former spy chief Yankuba Badjie hospitalized

The troubled former intelligence chief of the Jammeh regime, Yankuba Badjie has been admitted to a hospital in the capital Banjul.

Badjie is diagnosed with pneumonia and hospitalized at the Edward Francis Small Hospital private bloc under heavy security guard.

He has been receiving treatment at the hospital since last week, according to a medical staffer, who has confirmed seeing him in the medical center.

Badjie and eight other ex-spy agents of the NIA are accused of torturing an opposition activist to death last year for protesting against Jammeh’s rule.

His wife, Ndura Jawara caused one of the special prosecutors in his trial to resign after recording their conversation and leaking it online.

Badjie headed the most feared and murderous security agency under Jammeh, who ruled the country with an iron-fist for 22 years.

Jammeh had refused to investigate killings by security forces under his regime. He used an indemnity act to protect them, giving them the license to commit human rights abuses with impunity

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