Gambia’s security minister takes part in UN security talk on South Sudan

Gambia’s security minister takes part in UN security talk on South Sudan

Gambia’s Minister of Interior, Mai Ahmad Fatty joined security ministers from more than two dozen nations to develop a resolution seeking lasting global solutions to conflict, insecurity and humanitarian crises in South Sudan.

South Sudan slipped into a war shortly after gaining independence from Khartoum.

Fighting escalated when President Salva Kiir accused his former deputy Riek Machar and 10 others of attempting to oust him.

Aside from the war killing more than 300,000 people, a humanitarian crisis was sparked with at least 5.8 million people displaced, 1.5 million in refugee camps in neighboring nations and 6 million people facing starvation.

The UN is seeking a lasting solution to the crisis in the world’s youngest nation, where tribalism has been blamed for acts of genocide.

Negotiations between the government and rebel fighters have stalled in South Sudan and a compromise peace agreement that made Mr. Machar the Vice President fell apart.

South Sudan’s government forces are accused by the U.S. and aid groups of using starvation as a tactic of punishment for populations that support rebels by intentionally blocking aid.

The UN fears that the war may escalate into a regional crisis with fighting spilling across the border to Uganda, whose military backed Kiir’s army.

Gambia is starting to take part in global security meetings as the world learns from the small country’s recent conflict prevention strategy.

A civil war was averted in the West African nation after former ruler, Yahya Jammeh refused to step aside, leading to a regional military intervention.

Gambian soldiers are part of UN peacekeeping forces helping deliver and escort aid to hard to reach places where urgent relief is needed.

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