Gambia’s govt seeks to control expenditure

Gambia’s govt seeks to control expenditure

President Adama Barrow is putting his foot down to cut government spending after criticism towards his administration’s frequent travel soared.

President Barrow has tasked his Minister of Finance, Amadou Sanneh to put in place measures that will slash spending, significantly.

Mr. Sanneh has presented the budget framework measures to control public expenditure as requested by the President. The Barrow administration has put their approval stamp on the plans.

The Cabinet on Monday also adopted plans for robust resource mobilization to secure more funding for projects and aid to the country.

At least three European Union nations have backed calls for more funding to be made available to the new West African regime in an effort to further curb the country mass exodus of youths to Europe.

President Adama Barrow in his UN address did call for more support for the impoverished nation, saying the two-decades of autocratic rule under former President Yahya Jammeh had isolated the country.

Foreign investors are watching what may happen after West African forces that help install Mr. Barrow leaves the country. The Gambia has been stable compared to the troubled conflicts that ruined its neighbors.

The Gambian economy has been stabilized, according to recent data from the Central Bank but prices of goods and services remain high, frustrating many of citizens, most of whom live on less than a $1.25 a day in rural communities.

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