After NAWEC visit, Barrow tables road map to end electricity crisis

After NAWEC visit, Barrow tables road map to end electricity crisis

President Adama Barrow has tabled a national electricity roadmap to his Cabinet to resolve the country’s urgent electricity shortages.

The frequent power cuts, which last for hours at a time is starving the country’s economy of its much-needed investment and growth.

Mr. Barrow visited NAWEC on Friday, the first for the new leader since assuming power in January and has pledged to have the energy crisis fixed by December.

The Cabinet discussed progress with national electricity roadmap and the Sino-Gambia cooperation was singled out to help resolve energy challenges by 2018.

Gambia’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy will cooperate with Sinohydro to boost power production by consummating a 50-megawatt generation plant to replace the country’s aging power generation capacity.

The state-owned National Water and Electricity Company has a monopoly over power supply in the country. Its officials say the generators, which are more than 40 years old can no longer supply electricity consistently.

The company has faced backlash over the continuous cuts as frustration grows. However, since Barrow’s visit, the power supply has been noticeably steady.

Parts of northern Gambia and its Lower River Region are expected to get some supply from Senegal. Senegal’s Senelec will supply NAWEC with additional 10 – 30 megawatts of power.


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