APRC protest police “unwarranted questioning” of interim leader

APRC protest police “unwarranted questioning” of interim leader

APRC members protested on Wednesday outside the Police Headquarters in Banjul demanding the release of their leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta.

Tens of people were out, close to about 60, demanding that the police stop the “unwarranted questioning” of the former parliamentary strongman turned opposition leader.

Jatta was summoned by the police before he traveled to an undisclosed destination. His questioning was related to utterances he made in an interview and at a press conference.

“He has not said anything provocative. He did not say or do anything wrong. Those that are doing that are not being questioned, so why him,” opposition spokesperson, Seedy Njie riposted.

APRC executive members were not allowed into the police station, a senior official said. They had to wait outside with the protesting crowd.

The police had told Mr. Jatta to write a statement and he did, but the statement was only a paragraph, a show of defiance by the opposition politician, who is seeking to rebrand his party.

The APRC party ruled The Gambia under the ex-authoritarian ruler, Yahya Jammeh for two decades. Human rights abuses and suppressing of opposition dissent has been a trademark of the regime.

The party is now accusing the unity government of targeting them and violating their civil rights. Jatta’s questioning came as the party readies to hold its first major political event since its ouster from power.

Jatta has been released and returned home to a cheering crowd of supporters. He addressed the crowd and called for calm. He praised his supporters for keeping restraint and not allowing themselves to be provoked.

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