Gambia: Police interrogate, release Fabakary Tombong Jatta

Gambia: Police interrogate, release Fabakary Tombong Jatta

Opposition leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta has been released by the police after he was summoned for questioning by the authorities.

The police were in possession of several audios obtained from digital records of a press conference and radio interview that the APRC leader made.

It still remains unclear what was said in the tapes that warranted Mr. Jatta’s questioning. His supporters descended on the Police Headquarters demanding his release.

But the police said Jatta, who wrote a one-paragraph statement, was never detained. A panel of investigators questioned him and then excused him.

Jatta addressed supporters at his home in Tallinding and praised them for keeping calm and not being allowed to be provoked to break the law. He said he was well treated by the police.

“The police treated me with respect; they treated me well. They asked me questions and I answered,” said Jatta. “They cannot silence us. Even if I am gone, another Fabakary will come up.”

Another opposition politician, Mama Kandeh was questioned by the police in August following his allegations of corruption against ministers of the coalition government.

APRC is organizing a mega rally, the first for the former ruling party since its shocking defeat in the presidential elections and its apparent loss in the legislative polls.

The party has applied for a permit to hold the rally at the Buffer Zone, a square outside the commercial city of Serrekunda, where many other political parties had meetings.

APRC has been accusing Gambian authorities to stifling dissent and aiming to end the existence of the party. The party has been evicted from its headquarters, its accounts frozen and vehicles seized.

Gambian authorities associated the assets with former President Yahya Jammeh and the Justice Department obtained a court order putting a freeze on the properties.

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