GDC’s Modou Cham tells Mayor Bah to take the backseat

GDC’s Modou Cham tells Mayor Bah to take the backseat

Banjul’s Mayor Abdoulie Bah is being told to save himself from an embarrassing loss at the polls next year and seek to a second term as Mayor of the capital.

A supporter of mayoral hopeful Ebrima Jawo and opposition politician Modou Cham says Bah has no plans for the island city, where residents are decrying the sorry state of neighborhoods.

“Bah’s bid to maintain power in Banjul is to waste more time in that mayoral seat without having a proper development plan for our country‚Äôs capital city,” Cham said.

“The Gambian capital is among the dirtiest cities in the sub-region. Mayor Bah and his team have failed Banjulians and should not be allowed to occupy that seat anymore.”

Cham’s party, GDC seems to be backing Mr. Bah’s main rival, Ebrima Jawo. The GDC has been active in the city with its leader, Mama Kandeh taking part in cleaning the city.

But Bah, who has seen anger mounting over uncollected garbage in the city commissioned two trucks to address the issue as more candidates declare their challenge to his local government.

Bah’s commissioning of the trucks is meaningless, says Cham, who points out it was done to soar support for him ahead of the polls. But is it enough to secure the embattled Mayor Bah a second a chance?

Mayor Bah won elections in 2012 as an independent candidate, following the failure of the former ruling APRC party to pick him as their candidate.

He later rejoined the party after reconciling with former President Yahya Jammeh. Bah has not said if he will be running as an independent or will vie to maintain his job with a new political backing.

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