Hamat Bah’s quagmire personality gets critics lashing

Hamat Bah’s quagmire personality gets critics lashing

Gambia’s Minister of Tourism is taking a beating from his critics for what they call “unprofessional behavior” is often exhibits and the most recent of all in Parliament.

Minister of Tourism Hamat Bah is famous for his weird mannerisms. Some find it comical but now, his critics say aside from being incompetent, he should be fired from his job.

Bah is the leader of the NRP party, one of the members of the unity government and that makes his firing by President Adama Barrow a somewhat impossible wish for his bashers.

Opposition pundit Batch Samba gave Mr. Bah some props but says the minister and politician appeared unprofessional, condescending and very arrogant.

“The Tourism Sector of The Gambia is a severe quagmire. It is one of the most inefficient and unproductive sectors of our current government so far. Listening to Amat Bah, the Tourism minister was a risible experience. The man appeared unprofessional, condescending and very arrogant,” Bah said.

Minister Bah had come under fire for making racially insensitive statements while on a visit to Switzerland with the Vice President Fatoumata Tambajang on the sides of a WTO summit.

He overbearingly maintains that Gambians should return to their native country to marry local women instead of marrying Whites to “avoid the taking over of the country by a mixed-race group.”

Despite the backlashes he faces, Bah is not bowing to calls for him to readjust his public behavior and utterances. Perhaps it is just the Minister keeping true to himself, but his doubters say he should check himself.

Gambia is seeking to have an all year round tourism to keep the industry alive but Mr. Bah’s cynics say his behavior and utterances are very telling of the country’s low-performing tourism sector.

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