Gambia dismisses seven soldiers for espionage

Gambia dismisses seven soldiers for espionage

Gambia’s military has discharged at least seven soldiers accused of spying for the country’s ousted President Yahya Jammeh, military sources confirmed.

The five majors and two captains were allegedly passing information to Mr. Jammeh through his trusted military generals in the Central African nation of Equatorial Guinea.

Gambia’s military intelligence services had Major Karamba Jammeh, Major Alieu Sowe, Major Kebba Gibba, Major Lamin Manneh, Major Gibril Jammeh, Captain Sulayman Jammeh and Captain Abdoulie under survellance for months.

“They were part of Jammeh’s trusted soldiers at the State Guards and some of them are still commanders in some of the military camps,” a source said.

Major Kebba Gibba and Captain Abdoulie Badjie are military intelligence officers attached to the Banjul Airport and Fajara Barracks, and Captain Sulayman Jammeh is a company commander of the Basse battalion.

Captain Jammeh was recently at questioned by investigators at the Commission probing the ex-president, calling President Jammeh by his self-imposed revering name “Babili Mansa”.

The rest have worked as overseers of the former president’s convoys, properties, and farms in Kanilai, Farato, and Banjul.

An estimated 17 soldiers have been detained by Gambian authorities for attempting to revolt against the President Adama Barrow, who dethroned ex-President Yahya Jammeh in last year’s elections.

Some of the plotters, reportedly loyal to ex-President Jammeh have escaped and joined a couple of hundred other deserters in hiding in neighboring nations.

(Reporting and Writing by Lamin Jassey; Additional Writing and Editing by Sam Phatey)

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