Janneh Commission to get half a million more in pay, mandate prolongs six months

Janneh Commission to get half a million more in pay, mandate prolongs six months

Investigators probing Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh will be paid an additional $11,000 (D500,000 dalasis) each and see their mandate extended for another six months.

Gambia’s Parliament has been informed of the extension and approved the bill that was tabled by Minister of Justice, Aboubacarr Ba Tambadou.

“The emergence of new evidence warrants the calling of more witnesses to testify before the Commission and the nature and complexity of the evidence adduced by witnesses before the Commission will necessitate the procurement of the services of forensic accountants and auditors,” Tambadou said.

“Numerous public enterprises, bodies, and offices that are the subject of this inquiry are yet to be heard and the nature and complexity of the investigations covering a period of over 22 years is very extensive.”

The Commission was first given a three-month mandate to end this month but we startling revelations emerging during hearings, the Commission will continue its investigation until April next year.

Former President Yahya Jammeh is accused of financial mismanagement, corruption, and abuse of office by the Barrow administration.

Tens of people are being implicated in Jammeh’s alleged robbing of the country. Most of his senior aides had followed orders that contravened financial regulations.

Jammeh’s properties, accounts, and companies have been seized by the Gambia’s Justice Department in May. At least 178 landed properties, 95 bank accounts, and 47 companies have been seized.

He was ousted after losing elections and refusing to step aside. He fled to Equatorial Guinea, where President Theodore Obiang had given him a safe haven.

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