Opposition leaders are taking a swipe at Barrow’s govt

Opposition leaders are taking a swipe at Barrow’s govt

Gambian opposition leaders are uniting and doubling down on their criticism towards “slow economic growth” of the Barrow administration, warning he is “no good a leader.”

The latest of the opposition leaders to join the criticism bandwagon over prices of goods and services is APRC’s Fabakary Tombong Jatta.

“Things are getting more difficult by the day,” said Jatta, who said Barrow’s government has no excuse as to why they are not meeting economic and living expectations.

Jatta said although Jammeh faced economic sanctions when he came to power in a coup, the former ruler was “able to bring development” to the country and made no excuses.

“He brought unprecedented developments to The Gambia and if anyone told me in 1994 that The Gambia will be where it is today, I would have denied it,” Jatta told journalist Omar Wally.

“Gambians are yet to witness one programme that the Coalition government can call their own… Unlike Jammeh, this government [Barrow administration] did face sanctions.”

The UN called for international donors to help revive Gambia’s economy after Jammeh allegedly emptied the country’s treasury before fleeing.

Jammeh had ruled the Gambia for 22 years and is accused of swindling billions. During his reign, the foreign exchange reserve was depleted and the economy took a nosedive. Inflation was high and the prices of goods and services kept on skyrocketing.

Opposition leader Mama Kandeh and the leader of the new APP party, Omar Beyai all criticized Barrow government’s slow economic growth, warning that there are signs of frustration that cannot be ignored.

The Barrow government said growth is slow amid high expectations because Jammeh lavishly wasted the country’s money during his rule, disregarding the needs of poor citizens.

Jatta, Kandeh, and Beyai say the Barrow’s coalition government should move away from blaming Jammeh for their shortcomings, saying “that was in the past and we have to move away from that.”

The three opposition figures dismissed claims that they are trying to bury Jammeh’s crimes for being his supporters during his reign and maintained it is only right that Mr. Barrow and his government owns up to their shortcomings.

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