APRC interim leader says he does not want to be President

APRC interim leader says he does not want to be President

The interim leader of the APRC party, Fabakary Tombong Jatta says he is not planning to run for president, saying he wants to instead focus on building an effective opposition against the coalition regime.

“I am not open to being president. I do not even want to be president. I just want to make the party strong and they can choose whoever they want their leader to be at a congress.”

Jatta has been describing the coalition government as an underperforming administration that has not achieved anything despite international aid.

The interim leader admitted his party has made mistakes. Such mistakes, according to former information minister, Sheriff Bojang cost the party to lose elections last year.

The former APRC party leader, ex-President Yahya Jammeh took unilateral decisions and made condescending remarks that forced his divided rivals to unite.

APRC has lost more than half of its supporters, according to Gambian political observers, but the party has strongly denied the claims and say it is stronger than ever before.

With the party’s accounts frozen, and its headquarters seized, APRC accused the government of President Adama Barrow to stifling dissent and attempting to silence them.

The government has ignored calls to ban the party over human rights abuses committed by the APRC regime. It’s Leader Jatta was questioned by the police last week over comments he made in a radio interview and at a press conference.

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