Gambia: Ex-President’s son being ping-ponged for a job

Gambia: Ex-President’s son being ping-ponged for a job

Gambia’s new government is finding it difficult to find a position for the son of the country’s former president after his reinstatement in the civil service faced opposition from government workers.

Ebrima Jawara, the son of ex-President Dawda Jawara was reappointed to serve as Director of Agriculture after charges against him were dropped by state prosecutors.

Ministry of Agriculture sources said, the staff at the department were unhappy but some had welcomed his return. The Minister of Agriculture, Omar Jallow, who heads Jawara’s father’s party said he was unaware of his return.

Ebrima Jawara is now being appointed as a Deputy Head of Mission to the Gambian Embassy in Algeria. Gambia has no embassy in Algiers but talks are on the way to have a post opened in the North African nation.

Jawara was a permanent secretary, director of agriculture, head of the project coordinating unit and director of the NEMA project in the ministry. He was also Permanent Secretary to former President Yahya Jammeh.

He fell apart with Jammeh, who accused him of economic crimes, abuse of office and corruption amid additional allegations that Mr. Jawara also wrongfully got some 45 others fired and jailed.

Jawara has denied any wrongdoings since he legal woes begun. Jammeh ousted his father, Dawda Jawara in a coup in 1994. New President Adama Barrow defeated Jammeh in last year’s elections and ordered the Justice Department to drop charges against those being prosecuted for political reasons.

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