Kandeh accuses Barrow govt of bias, neglecting Diaspora

Kandeh accuses Barrow govt of bias, neglecting Diaspora

GDC Mama Kandeh has criticized President Adama Barrow’s government, accusing them of favoritism, his first shot at the administration upon returning from Europe.

Kandeh, 52, said the Barrow administration is giving government positions as a compensation to his political allies instead of luring Gambians with merit to occupy the positions.

“We will not be a compensation government,” Kandeh said. “We will be a meritocracy that will appoint people to office based on merit.”

“There are many intellectuals abroad who would want to come home and help build this country but are not given the opportunity.”

Barrow has said he will be appointed based on merits and balanced his cabinet between politicians and technocrats. He has pledged to overhaul the civil service as part of reforms.

The opposition leader had accused government officials of nepotism and corruption in the past, prompting the police to invite him for questioning over the allegations.

Barrow’s political adversaries say the situation in the country has “improved” but was “still not good.” However, the IMF indicated the country’s economic outlook is favorable.

Kandeh put up a challenge, saying he can do a better job than Mr. Barrow, especially with the current electricity crisis that has left many in the Greater Banjul Area dissatisfied.

Several people, who were jailed with Barrow’s party leader, Ousainou Darboe have threatened to protest against the government for bias.

They said several of their fellow inmates were given jobs in the new government, while the rest of them were ignored and unable to meet President Barrow.

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