Kandeh wants Barrow to step aside

Kandeh wants Barrow to step aside

Opposition leader Mama Kandeh has urged the country’s new President Adama Barrow to stand down, accusing the administration of failing less than a year into its rule.

Kandeh came out third in last year’s election after declining to join the opposition coalition that defeated former President Yahya Jammeh.

“Nothing is working in The Gambia. This is a government without a sense of direction. The country is struggling with electricity outages and water shortage among others,” Kandeh said.

The Barrow administration has vowed to stabilize the country’s electricity crisis in less than two years but says there will be some form of stability by December.

Engineers at the state-owned power company, NAWEC say they have been using decades-old generators. Kandeh fell short of mentioning what he would do differently if elected leader to resolve the electricity woe.

The GDC leader returned from a tour of Europe, where he held talks with Gambians, mostly supporters of his party, who have been battling Barrow supporters from the UDP party in what seems to be more of a popularity contest rather than debate over policies.

Barrow has been very quiet over criticism being thrown towards him and his administration by opposition campaigners until this week.

He responded to Hon. Halifa Sallah (PDOIS – Serrekunda) who compared the new government to that of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Barrow has brushed off frequent references that he is an accidental president, only rising to power after his party leader, Ousainou Darboe was jailed for protesting the killing of a senior opposition leader.

Barrow won an opposition primary to lead the coalition, defeating Sallah and other veteran opposition leaders, most of whom have now taken up cabinet positions in his regime.

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