Renewed calls for Fabakary Tombong Jatta to be prosecuted

Renewed calls for Fabakary Tombong Jatta to be prosecuted

There are renewed calls for an opposition leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta to be investigated and prosecuted for being complicit in the former President Yahya Jammeh crimes against the state.

Civil society leader, Madi Jobarteh is among those making such a call, after Jatta said he was proud of being associated with the state of emergency to extend Jammeh’s rule.

Jatta’s is accused by activists and government supporters of a “constitutional coup” for backing the state of emergency at the height of the political logjam that nearly dipped the Gambia into a civil war.

“Fabakary is taking cover under the wave of democracy currently being spread all over The Gambia to hide his criminal complicity in the corruption and atrocities of Yaya Jammeh,” said Jobarteh.

“He must know that the democracy he enjoys today was denied to Gambians by himself and Yaya Jammeh. It was the masses of Gambians who brought about this democracy against the wishes of Yahya Jammeh and Fabakary.”

Gambian authorities have accused Jammeh of using the standstill to ransack the presidential compound and steal at least $50 million from the various state accounts.

Jammeh’s assets have been frozen by a High Court in Banjul for mismanaging billions during his rule. The investigations show that no institution in the country, including Parliament stopped Jammeh from embezzling taxpayers’ money.

Jatta, who was the Majority Leader of the House is also the subject of an investigation by the police for statements he made during a radio interview and a press briefing last month. He has denied any wrongdoing.

Jammeh lost elections last year and refused to step aside. West African troops forced him into exile. He is accused of committing human rights violations during his 22-year iron-fist rule of The Gambia.

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