GDC can help Barrow rule Gambia says Kandeh

GDC can help Barrow rule Gambia says Kandeh

Opposition leader Mama Kandeh is offering to lend a hand to President Adama Barrow, who says the Barrow administration is underperforming and unable to meet the needs of the people.

Kandeh had said this summer that the Barrow government is unable to curb institutional corruption and regularize the country’s electricity crisis.

“We at the GDC have no problem in helping Barrow to rule this country. We will be more than glad to help steer the affairs of this country if availed the opportunity,” he said.

Kandeh refused to join the opposition coalition that Barrow led to defeat former President Yahya Jammeh in the polls. He did not take part in the opposition primaries after boycotting talks in the last minute.

Barrow took power after months of standoff between him and Jammeh. Jammeh had rejected the electoral results accusing the electoral commission of rigging the polls under international pressure.

Since Barrow came to power, the Gambia’s economic outlook seemed favorable but prices of goods and services remain high. In less than a year of his rule, more than three major blackouts and water shortages hit suburbs outside the capital.

Barrow has since visited the power company, which has a monopoly over electric and water supply, vowing to have some form of stabilization by end of December and having cuts made history in two years.

But the new administration is not going without criticism over institutional changes. Kandeh has accused Barrow’s ministers of corruption. He alleged they diverted financial aid to the impoverished nation.

Just on Thursday, Kandeh took a swipe at the Barrow regime for bias, saying Mr. Barrow is giving appointments to his political allies at the expense of abled Gambian in the Diaspora.

Barrow’s cabinet is balanced between technocrats and politicians but appointments at the country’s foreign missions have been given mostly to members of the UDP party.

Some former political prisoners have threatened to stage a protest against the new government for neglecting them and giving positions to a select few that were reportedly close to Mr. Barrow and UDP leader Ousainou Darboe.

Barrow has not responded to many of the allegations but took an exception to his government being compared to the autocratic government of Yahya Jammeh.

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