Gambia: Opposition leader threatens to sue govt

Gambia: Opposition leader threatens to sue govt

Gambian opposition leader Mama Kandeh has warned he would sue the Gambia’s government pending findings over monies given to migrants that have opted to return.

A financial package is reportedly in place for Gambian migrants that have chosen to return to the country from Europe or cut short their attempt to cross the Mediterranean.

Kandeh in a fresh allegation against the Barrow administration says the government suspected of giving a fracture of the money from the EU to the returnees.

“I am still investigating the matter because they are supposed to be paid D102,994 (€1,900; $2,239) each. If any returnee can come forward and tell me the amount of money they were given, I will sue the government in court,” Kandeh said.

According to Kandeh, Gambian migrants are dubiously receiving about D3000 dalasis, a little over $65 for opting to be repatriated. Most of the returnees are voluntary chose to repatriate after being stuck in detention centers, some ran by militiamen in Libya.

Gambians make the third largest arrivals in Europe by sea in the height of the migration crisis. The number of arrivals plunged after President Adama Barrow defeated former autocratic ruler, Yahya Jammeh in last year’s elections.

More than a thousand Gambians have returned to the country since April. European authorities have denied more than 75 percent of Gambian asylum seekers last year, considering them economic migrants.

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