Gambia’s leader takes exception to comparison with Jammeh

Gambia’s leader takes exception to comparison with Jammeh

President Adama Barrow is not taking lightly any comparison of his management of the state with that of former President Yahya Jammeh, whose 22-year rule isolated the country.

President Barrow took an exception to Mr. Halifa Sallah’s assertion that the workings of the Barrow administration are “reminiscent of the APRC government days,” prompting the presidency to give a sharp response.

For Barrow, Sallah, who has refused to take up a job in his administration is being selective, unfair and pretty much misleading. He warned Sallah and his supporters that “it is important to move beyond political canvassing and polemics to provide facts on the realities.”

Political pundits added their voice saying Sallah is complicit in the decisions and working of the Barrow administration. The government is a coalition and Mr. Sallah is one of its architects.

According to Sallah, despite defeating Jammeh after 22 years of self-perpetuation… nothing seems to have improved the living standard of ordinary Gambians.”

Is Sallah distorting facts?

That is what the president thinks. The administrations say that the criticism is unfair given the efforts that are already in place by the government with the support of Gambians to move away from the difficult era of the former regime.

Of course, Barrow highlighted some of his administration’s numerous success – economic and institutional changes, securing and guaranteeing freedoms and liberties, and the springing of the nation from decades of diplomatic isolation.

Barrow blames the challenges his administration is facing on the fiscal indiscipline, financial and institutional mismanagement, and corrupt practice of Jammeh’s regime.

This, Mr. Barrow says, cannot thereof be “reminiscent of APRC government days,” when thousands of Gambians fled the country for better opportunities and freedom in Europe.

However, leftovers, who were key in the Jammeh administration remain in Barrow’s government and influential positions of power. But Barrow says no one will be fired without due process, even those that have been implicated in Jammeh’s squandering of taxpayers’ dalasis.

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