Ebou Jallow: Halifa must stick with Barrow

Ebou Jallow: Halifa must stick with Barrow

Although supporters of veteran politician Halifa Sallah say the Member of Parliament remains a part of the coalition, the current political rhetoric between him and the presidency is saying otherwise.

Sallah has been critical of the government in his attempt to hold them accountable but Ebou Jallow, the ex-spokesperson for the Gambia’s military junta said Sallah cannot absolve himself from the doings of the Barrow regime.

“Halifa is one of the architects that designed and built the current coalition government. He campaigned for President Barrow and became the Spokesperson for the Coalition,” he said.

“Whatsoever happens in Barrow’s government today, Halifa is also complicit. You cannot change horse in the middle of a tight race. Halifa must stick with President Barrow to the bitter end and find a solution to this mess.”

Political activist Mathew Jallow also made similar assertions that Sallah is culpable in the so-called failure to achieve system change. Sallah was an advisor on policy and governance to President Barrow before stepping aside to run for Parliament.

Sallah is the leader of the PDOIS party, which won four seats in the April legislative polls. Political parties contested for the Parliament on their own after failing to agree to a tactical alliance.

It has left a fracture within the coalition government of President Adama Barrow, which pundits say is evident in the current political rhetoric and the viewing of Sallah as an opposition politician rather than a partner.

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