Gambia’s ex-Attorney General forms new political party

Gambia’s ex-Attorney General forms new political party

A former Minister of Justice has formed a new political party, which he is about to register with the country’s electoral commission, according to one of the party’s senior members.

The new party, Gambia African National Unity [GANU] is led by Sheikh Tijan Hydara, the Standard Newspaper quoted an anonymous source.

Hydara has confirmed the party’s existence and said formalities are being put in place for an official launching. The party is described as a progressive party that will transform the politics of the country.

GANU is the third known new political party formed in The Gambia in less than a year since the ouster of former autocratic ruler Yahya Jammeh. The proliferation of political parties with Gambia’s new found democracy has been encouraged.

Hydara was former Attorney General and Justice Minister for ousted President Yahya Jammeh from September 2005 to November 2006. He worked at the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights and at the University of The Gambia before going into private practice.

There are already nine officially registered political parties, according to the Independent Electoral Commission, seven of which have united last year to form the opposition coalition that defeated Jammeh in the polls.

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