Lt. Col. Lamin Gano was President Yahya Jammeh's ADC. He had urge Jammeh to step down before last month's elections.

Gano: APRC should let go of #GambiaHasRegretted t-shirts

A retired military aide to former President Yahya Jammeh has urged officials of the ex-ruling party not to print or wear t-shirts bearing the inscription #GambiaHasRegretted voting out the longtime ruler.

Lt. Col. Lamin Gano said if the APRC wants to reconnect with the people and emerge from its what appears to be the party’s retreat to the shadows, it should stop some of its political flatulence.

Gano is a supporter of the GDC party, which has distanced itself from the printing of the t-shirts. The party has become more outspoken and showed solidarity with the APRC after its interim party leader was questioned by the police.

APRC is holding its biggest rally since their defeat in last year’s election. The rally is set to take place on October 28 at the Buffer Zone, just 10 miles southwest of the capital, Banjul.

Gano, who was Jammeh’s Aide de Camp urged the former longstanding ruler not to run for office ahead of the elections and asked of his “godfather” to step aside after losing elections to President Adama Barrow.

Jammeh’s defeat in the election and his uncolorful exist saw APRC members defecting to other parties ahead of the parliamentary polls. APRC lost it majority stakes in the legislature, winning only five seats.

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