Gambia authorities deny harassing opposition leaders

Gambia authorities deny harassing opposition leaders

Gambia’s Police denied opposition protest that they have been acting under directives to questioned their leaders, as criticism towards authorities surged.

Opposition supporters, mainly from two of the parties that lost to the coalition that defeated former President Yahya Jammeh, leveled accusations of harassment against the authorities.

The Police questioned the leaders of the GDC and APRC parties within a month’s span as they mount a political onslaught against the Barrow-led unity government.

“We did not question them for political reasons… They made allegations that were contrary to the laws… and no one should use their political platform to incite violence,” said police spokesperson, Foday Conta.

GDC leader Mama Kandeh in September accused government ministers of rerouting foreign aid for personal use and the APRC interim leader, Fabakary Jatta reportedly urged disorder during a press conference.

Jatta’s statement, which was recorded by the police has not been released by the authorities. Both leaders were detained and questioned by the police for a couple of hours and released.

Political activist condemned the questioning of the two political chiefs, saying their questioning was reminiscent of the practices of the police in the former Jammeh regime and meant to intimidate the opposition into silence.

Kandeh was denied a permit for a rally following the allegations he made against government ministers. Jatta is expected to lead a major rally on Saturday and the police on Tuesday issued a permit to his party.

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