Bazzi cries foul over seizing of assets

Bazzi cries foul over seizing of assets

Muhammed Bazzi is accusing the Janneh Commission of stretching its mandate by seizing his assets, pending the outcome of the investigation into the financial activities of former President Yahya Jammeh.

The Commission seized the assets of Bazzi, Amadou Samba, and Fadi Mazagi, who were identified by multiple witnesses at the Commission as the main business associates of the ousted authoritarian leader.

Jammeh is accused of mismanaging billions and conniving with his business partners to swindle taxpayers’ money.

According to former and current government officials, Bazzi, Samba and Mazagi were given government contracts without proper procurement procedures.

They are also suspected of evading taxes, illegal exportation and moving of money for the ex-leader, who had also paid them from government accounts for services not rendered to the state.

Bazzi wants the Commission’s orders revoked and have them restraint from freezing any of his assets. But a Commission member, Bai Saine says their mandate is to investigate Jammeh and his associates, not just the ex-president.

Bazzi has testified before the Commission and defended his dealings with Jammeh. The Belgian-Lebanese citizen said he cannot be held liable for Jammeh’s disregard of government financial regulations.

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