NAWEC to install generator purchased by ex-govt

NAWEC to install generator purchased by ex-govt

Gambia’s state-owned power company, NAWEC is on the brink of installing an 11 megawatts generator purchased by the former government of President Yahya Jammeh to lessen the frequent power cuts.

Momodou Dem, an engineer with the company told APA that the epileptic state of utility supplies around the country will be a thing of the past once the generator is installed at its main power grid in Kotu, nine miles outside the capital, Banjul.

NAWEC is facing backlash from consumers, who complain of power and water cuts that sometimes last longer than 24 hours. The power cuts mostly affect suburbs in the Greater Kombo Metro area.

The country has a long history of unstable energy supply. The generators used by NAWEC are more than three decades old. Some have been in use since the 1970s and those bought by Jammeh during his rule were “very old generators that were masqueraded as new for propaganda.”

Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow has vowed to resolve the country’s electricity crisis. The country has entered into an agreement with the utility supplier of the neighboring Senegal, SENELEC.

Gambia is on a frantic effort to attract investors but experts say unless the current energy situation is addressed, the country will struggle to charm businesses to move into the nation of fewer than two million people.

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