GDC takes swipe at APRC over “arbitrary and malicious” claims

GDC takes swipe at APRC over “arbitrary and malicious” claims

The leadership of Gambia’s second most powerful political party has been angered by claims that some members of the former ruling APRC party are telling their supporters that Mamma Kandeh is attending their Saturday rally.

The Gambia Democratic Congress said it has learned with dismay the “malicious” claims by members of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction that Kanneh is attending their Buffer Zone event.

“The leadership of our party (GDC) has learned with dismay, the arbitrary and malicious ploy of some APRC members informing their supporters that honorable Mamma Kandeh is due to attend their rally,” a statement read.

“We regard this action to be misleading and we, therefore, condemned it in the strongest possible terms,” while demanding “fair play and mutual respect.”

The APRC is holding its biggest political gathering since losing two elections. In December, the party candidate, former President Yahya Jammeh was defeated in the presidential polls and they lost their majority stake in the parliament in April.

An estimated 50,000 people are expected to gather just 10 miles outside the capital, Banjul to what would be the former ruling party’s show of strength and readiness to square off with the new ruler’s in the next election.

(Reporting and Writing by Mustapha Darboe; Additional Writing and Editing by Sam Phatey)

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