Amie Bojang attributed the wrong quote to Hon. Sallah: Sulayman Bokar Bah

Amie Bojang attributed the wrong quote to Hon. Sallah: Sulayman Bokar Bah

The executive office of President Adama Barrow used a journalist perspective from an article on Foroyaa Newspaper to mount an attack on PDOIS leader, Halifa Sallah, says Sulayman Bokar Bah.

Bah is the author of the article that became the crux of political rhetorics between the government and Mr. Sallah, who responded over the weekend.

“The part of the article they were referring to was not even quoting Sallah. That was not even what Sallah said at the meeting. They instead quoted what I wrote from a journalistic perspective and went on an attack,” Bah said.

Bah was in a television interview on EyeAfrica TV with SMBC’s Sam Phatey, arguing if there was system change or just regime change.

President Barrow’s Press Secretary Amie Bojang said that the insinuation that there was no system change was disingenuous on the part of Mr. Sallah and his supporters like Bah.

Sam Phatey said there are some changes in the system but many institutions remain vulnerable to the same practices that will require cultural change. This, he said, may take at least two to three years to achieve but will require President Barrow to take stronger and radical positions to achieve.

Sallah is a part of the coalition government but declined a cabinet position and stepped aside as a presidential advisor to win a seat in the Parliament.

Some political pundits are holding Sallah complicit in the Barrow administration’s failure to meet some expectations. Sallah was an influential figure in the talks that united opposition groups to oust the Jammeh regime.

Political savants seem to concur that Sallah cannot bail on the coalition as long as Barrow remains in power. Sulayman Bokar Bah said the MP from Serrekunda will continue to engage the administration.

But Barrow’s government insist that it is easier for Sallah to refuse and forfeit a job in the administration and stand outside the circle to criticize, a situation that Press Secretary Bojang, will no longer bear.

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