Gambia: Opposition militants wounded by govt supporters

Gambia: Opposition militants wounded by govt supporters

At least three people were seriously injured and several others suffered minor bruises after supporters of the main ruling UDP party attacked opposition militants outside Brikama, APRC officials asserted.

The supporters of the ex-ruling party were attacked by in Busumbala while heading to their party’s first mega rally since its defeat in the presidential and parliamentary elections.

Stones were thrown into the vehicle carrying the APRC supporters and some reported seeing men armed with machetes. A woman sustained injuries on her head and the other had deep cuts just right below her knee.

Isatou Badjie and Kordu Jarju were among those in the vehicle that were assaulted and suffered serious injuries during the attack. They received medical treatment at a hospital in the suburb of Serrekunda.

“We were just passing through Busumbala when our vehicle got attacked,” a witness said. “They threw stones at us and some were armed with cutlasses. There was glass everywhere and I got hit on my head with a stone.”

Those wounded were mostly women. They came from the Foni Kansala district in the southwestern part of the country, where exiled President Yahya Jammeh is from.

The district was the epicenter of an anti-government protest that turned violent, leaving a 52-year-old supporter of Jammeh, Haruna Jatta dead from gunshot wounds inflicted on him in a fracas with West African forces.

Supporters of the former ruler Jammeh erupted in a show of thriving outside the capital, Banjul last weekend. Thousands filled a park in Tallinding to send a message that the party remains alive and ready to upset the next elections.

Gambians head to the polls next year to elect their local government leaders. It will be the test for APRC’s popularity across the country more than a year after suffering two electoral loses.

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