Jammeh fueds with Gen. Badjie over stolen money

Jammeh fueds with Gen. Badjie over stolen money

Former President Yahya Jammeh has confronted his most trusted military aide, Gen. Saul Badjie about millions of dollars withdrawn from the Central Bank, causing a fight between the two

Badjie has been distanced from Jammeh, who is angry and now accusing the military general of withdrawing money from the country’s reserve bank in his name without authorization.

“My sources have told me that the former president has expressed dismay that monies were withdrawn in his name from the Gambian central bank,” said a journalist from Equatorial Guinea that spoke to Standard Newspaper.

“Although I am not very clear about this particular issue, my sources in the government of Equatorial Guinea have told me that the general was withdrawing money from the Central Bank.”

More than $20 million (D920 million dalasis) have been withdrawn by Gen. Badjie on the instructions of former President Yahya Jammeh.

There has been no official note from Jammeh demanding the withdrawals, but paper trails from the Central Bank show that Gen. Badjie has been scribble notes, sending text messages and placing phone calls to senior bank officials demanding millions on behalf of the exiled leader.

Some senior aides of the former president confirmed to a Commission probing Jammeh and his associates that at the time, “anyone from the State House can go the Central Bank and you will be given money if you say Jammeh sent you.”

Former Central Bank Governor, Amadou Colley said his request to meet former President Jammeh has been repeatedly denied. He was unable to meet Jammeh for three years until the longtime ruler’s ouster.

Jammeh himself has made withdrawals, some of which have been documented by his former chiefs of staff and senior aides and evidence handed over to the Commission of Inquiry.

Gambian authorities have seized Jammeh’s assets in response to the massive fraud revelations. The targeted assets include 95 bank accounts and 175 properties.

He came in as a 29-year-old Lieutenant and exits as a 51-year-old autocrat, who was known more for his repressive ways and widely believed to be a person who abused rights of the dissidents and opponents.

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