Opposition praises interior minister for openness

Opposition praises interior minister for openness

APRC leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta has praised GMC leader and Minister of Interior, Mai Ahmad Fatty for having an open door policy, confirming he has met the country’s law enforcement chief on multiple occasions.

Jatta said he has been engaging Fatty, and other senior government officials, including President Adama Barrow, especially after clashes between opposition supporters and security forces left one of his supporters dead.

“Mai Fatty has been open. I have called him and I met with him many times. I also met with even President Barrow. There should be dialogue and engagement. It is important,” said Jatta.

Fatty’s critics, some, activists he has worked with said he has shut doors of communication for criticizing his strongman persona and the Bar Association said he is replicating the dictatorial behaviors of the regime of the ex-autocratic ruler, Yahya Jammeh.

But maybe, now Fatty can say Jammeh and his ministers closed doors on them when he was in the opposition, while the Barrow administration engaged political opponents.

The minister is on an all-out image rebuilding of the security services. Under Jammeh, the police, especially its intervention force has been accused of rights violations.

Fatty has opened a human rights unit in his office to probe accusations of human and civil rights violations. He also appointed several people, including civil society leaders into a council set up to pursue prison reforms.

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