Gambia: Opposition decries mass firing that followed Jammeh’s ouster

Gambia: Opposition decries mass firing that followed Jammeh’s ouster

Opposition figures say the mass firing that followed the departure of former President Yahya Jammeh was one-sided and targeted perceived opposition supporters from a region that became the crux for post-electoral skirmishes.

The leader of the APRC Fabakary Tombong Jatta said the firing of some top government officials “targeted those just from one region [Foni],” in southwestern Gambia, where Jammeh hails from.

“What do you think will happen. They were discriminated and sidelined. Prominent people from the region lost their jobs. They all got fired just like that without even letters given to them,” he said.

Opposition spokesperson, Seedy SK Njie said the sackings were one-sided and faulted the government for wrongful dismissal of officials.

At least 40 people, said to be from Foni were dismissed from the presidency. Most of them were cooks and drivers, who remained after Jammeh fled to Equatorial Guinea.

The Barrow administration did not give an official explanation for the firing but those fired are said to be personally handpicked by Jammeh for the jobs despite not being qualified.

The Foninkas dissented against what they called their alienation but reconciliation talks have prevailed over provocations that could have sparked a serious crisis.

A protest in Foni left one person dead. Haruna Jatta was hot by security forces and the matter is still under investigation. But also under investigation is former President Jammeh, who is accused of corruption and financial mismanagement.

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