U.S. declines Barrow’s first pick as envoy to Washington

U.S. declines Barrow’s first pick as envoy to Washington

The Trump Administration has declined to accept Ebrima Manneh as President Adama Barrow’s envoy to Washington, a Foreign Ministry source said.

“Manneh is not going to be the Ambassador to the U.S. anymore. The president has selected a replacement, who is now waiting for confirmation from the U.S. State Department,” he said.

Countries can have reasons to block ambassadorial appointments, but our source declined to forward reasons for the U.S.’s rejection of Mr. Manneh.

Manneh was living in the U.S. state of North Carolina. He returned to The Gambia after President Adama Barrow took over power following two months of a political standoff.

The Obama Administration had a logjam with former President Yahya Jammeh’s government after Washington and Banjul rejected each other’s envoys.

The deadlock ended in 2014 after Banjul accepted Patricia Alsup and Washington accepted Sheikh Omar Faye as ambassadors. Barrow, however, is not going to have a diplomatic tug of war with Trump and has chosen a new envoy to replace Manneh.

The Trump Administration continues to keep Gambia on a visa restriction list over the refusal to accept deportees. Gambia was placed on the list by the Obama Homeland Security Department just months before last year’s December election.

Trump, who ran for office with an anti-immigration policy has not removed the Gambia from the list even though the country is cooperating.

The Barrow government is pushing for the reversion of the Obama decision to remove The Gambia from the African Growth and Opportunity Act over Jammeh’s human rights violations.

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