Janneh Commission Secretary’s institution out of compliance

Janneh Commission Secretary’s institution out of compliance

Gambian authorities have closed down a private for-profit accounting institution belonging to the Secretary of the Janneh Commission for being out of compliance.

Jollof Tutors, which is managed and operated by Alhajie Kurang has been ordered to stop providing services to students indefinitely. Kurang is part of the Commission looking into compliance issues of the former regime of President Yahya Jammeh.

Kurang’s Jollof Tutors was banned alongside six others, most of the institutions being financial and accounting training colleges offering certificate programs and a handful of diplomas.

“These institutions are not quality assured by the NAQAA and are deemed to be operating illegally and have therefore been issued with closure orders,” a statement from the government agency said.

Kurang has reacted to the closure to closure of his institution for failing to meet quality and compliance regulations, calling the decision of the authorities “illegal and wrong.”

“This order is out of context, illegal and wrong,” he said. He has since been engaging the government accreditation agency, which says people are graduating from his institution but unable to perform jobs that they have certification in.

Kurang is lashing out at the directors of the NAQAA, accusing them of dictatorship and trying to force them into synchronizing the syllabus, a harmonization he says would not be effective.

“This is what the central problem is and not the premature decision over meet standards. We are going to challenge all bureaucratic dictatorships in the court of law,” he says.

Accreditation is the recognition that an institution maintains standards requisite for its graduates to gain admission to other reputable institutions of higher learning or to achieve credentials for professional practice.

The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality. The NAQAA has evaluation criteria and conducts these evaluations to assess whether or not those criteria are met.

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