APRC: We are a responsible opposition

APRC: We are a responsible opposition

Gambia’s main opposition party has decried violent attacks that have gone unpunished on its members since it was uprooted from power.

The latest attack was late last month when the party held its first biggest rally after its election defeats in the presidential and parliamentary polls.

At least five members of the party were seriously injured when a vehicle carrying them was attacked in Busumbala, a town outside the city of Brikama.

So far no arrest has been made and the party, whose members are accused of leading the ambush have neither denied nor taken any responsibility.

“We are a responsible opposition and we are not violent,” said the party interim leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta. “In fact, we will cooperate to bring development but will also sound the alarm if the government does anything wrong.”

The media has not reported the latest attacks against the APRC. Most media houses fear backlash since the party has refused to distance itself from former President Yahya Jammeh.

The APRC regime has been accused of human rights violations, including extrajudicial executions, torture, and kidnapping while in power.

Its current leaders are also accused of turning a blind eye to the abuses. They said they are now a new party, not the regime that oppressed its citizens.

In the 2016 presidential elections, for the first time since officially taking power in the 1996 presidential elections, APRC incumbent Jammeh lost the presidency to coalition challenger Adama Barrow, garnering only 39.6 percent of the vote to Barrow’s 43.3 percent.

In the 2017 parliamentary elections, the APRC lost much of its support, while its long-time rival United Democratic Party gained a landslide victory.

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