Killer of centennial old woman sentenced to death

Killer of centennial old woman sentenced to death

A judge is the eastern Gambian region of Basse has sentenced a man to death for the killing of a 101-year-old woman. Abdoulie Bahoum was found guilty of stabbing Mariama Nyang causing her death.

Justice Simeon Abi gave the man the maximum penalty for the crime. Witnesses say Nyang ran out screaming after she was stabbed. The knife was pulled out of her by a witness before she fell and died.

There seems to be some form of struggle with Nyang trying to defend herself. The stab went through a locally made hand fan that she placed in front her to stop her attacker.

Witnesses had tied up Bahoum until the police arrived. Bahoum has, however, presented two witnesses in court in his defense.

Abi ruled that Bahoum acted with malice and had premeditated the act. Bahoum maintained a not guilty plea throughout the trial and said he was not aware of the incident.

Bahoum had allegedly entered Nyang’s room twice while she was sleeping before attacking her but the accused said he was somewhere when the incident reportedly happened. He gave an alibi but prosecutors argued it could not be collaborated by investigators.

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