Gano ask Barrow to purge cabinet of all politician

Gano ask Barrow to purge cabinet of all politician

A former military aide to ex-President Yahya Jammeh urged the political newcomer that unseated his political godfather that he risks failing unless he fires all politicians from his cabinet.

A few hours later, reports coincidentally emerged of the dismissal of the country’s law enforcement chief, Minister of Interior Mai Ahmad Fatty, a man whose removal Gano campaigned for.

“President Barrow’s government will fail woefully until and unless he fires every party leader in his cabinet. They are not serving the interest of the country or the government but working for only their pockets and the next presidential elections,” he said.

Gano has accused Fatty of abusing his powers for declining to give approval for the licensing of his private security firm in what he says was politically motivated and based on ill will, score-settling, and witch-hunting.

Gano is a supporter of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress and has pledged to serve in the military without pay if Fatty is fired from Barrow’s cabinet.

Since assuming office, he was faced with curbing serious security threats, including a reported armed opposition to President Barrow’s rule and curtailing anti-government protests.

Notwithstanding, his strongman persona has been criticized and associated with dictatorial tendencies, accusations which he and his supporters strongly challenged and refuted.

Many ministers in Barrow’s government, mainly leaders of political parties that have backed him against former President Jammeh have been on a public relations spree, wooing citizens by showing they are action-oriented.

While trying to outshine one another, fractures were made in the unity government, which Barrow, who is considered to be a quite and unfirm leader, tried mending.

Fatty’s sacking is the first in Barrow’s 11-month rule of The Gambia after taking over through a turbulent political crisis that left the economy deeply dented and cost of living at an all-time high.

Barrow is sending a message that no one is indispensable and asserting his authority but unlikely to fire his entire cabinet of political leaders, most of whom he has deep respect and admiration for. It, however, does not mean Barrow will allow anyone to put their political ambitions before their job.

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