Inconsistency or hypocrisy: The need for an explanation

Inconsistency or hypocrisy: The need for an explanation

When some citizens joined pro-democracy activists asking President Adama Barrow to unveil the name of the anonymous donor of 57 vehicles, some of his supporters said the Head of State owes no one an explanation.

Few weeks past and President Barrow carried out the unexpected: fired interior minister Mai Ahmad Fatty from his cabinet. Barrow has lost some supporters, who are Fatty-lovers but that is not the issue here.

The Fatty-lovers, who want Mr. Barrow to stay mute over the anonymous donor are now demanding an explanation for the sacking of Mr. Fatty.

If Mr. Barrow owes citizens no explanation about the vehicles, why would the same people think he should explain the firing of a member of his inner circle.

There are fundamental differences between avoiding corruption and illegal campaign financing, and the personal choice of a president to appoint politicians as cabinet members.

It is prerogative for the President to choose who he wants in his cabinet and can fire anyone just for not advancing his agenda but their own, not because they did anything wrong. That is why being a minister is a political appointment and not a technical one. The former should be a concern for every citizen and the later is just a chess game.

Choosing to become a cabinet minister, one should know that you can be fired by the President just like the President should know that choosing to become the country’s leader, citizens can fire him and demand explanation on matters that they suspect are unlawful or contravene the Constitution. Mai Fatty’s dismissal is neither unlawful nor contradictory to the Constitution.

This is the very reason cited by Hon. Halifa Sallah for not taking a cabinet position in the Barrow government or an executive level job in the Barrow State House.

It is a politics of dishonesty at its best when people will only demand an explanation for something that affects their personal interest, even when the demand makes no sense and not important to the core essence of building a strong democracy and corrupt-free nation.

The demand for an explanation may not be in favor of Mr. Fatty. Their thoughts are so one-sided they are blind to unreasonable request that would could be more damaging to Mai Fatty than to Adama Barrow and his administration.

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