Is Mai Fatty turning down the ambassadorial post?

Is Mai Fatty turning down the ambassadorial post?

Just hours after his sacking, Mai Ahmad Fatty, the former Minister of Interior made a statement thanking his supporters. The statement contained a bold line, which may be an indication future plans.

Fatty has been offered a place in the Foreign Service, possibly becoming an ambassador to a nation Southern Africa or the Middle East, but sources say the former minister seems reluctant out of anger.

It seems Fatty is making a personal decision to remain on the outside for now and have a comeback as an influential opposition leader.

In his statement, which has now been deleted, Fatty said “a better Gambia will be engendered soon enough,” a stark indication that he may turn down the Foreign Service job offer.

“But Darboe will, of course, get to him [Fatty] and make him see reason, take the job, leave to his new post and stay quiet while he is there,” a government official said.

Fatty may have not option but to piggyback on the UDP to give him a political clout or risk returning to a life out of government and becoming a politician with no influence.

During the political impasse that followed Jammeh’s defeat, Fatty often appeared in TV interviews to defend then President-elect Adama Barrow and the position of the coalition, warning Jammeh to step aside or risk being treated as a rebel.

Many have praised him for doing a wonderful job in his nine months as a minister, taking a strong stand as Jammeh and quelling pockets of protests that were plunging the opposition stronghold of Foni into a crisis.

He is the leader of the Gambia Moral Congress, which has backed current Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe in the race for the presidency since 2011 when he went into exile after threats to his life.

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