This is why Halifa did not take a govt job

This is why Halifa did not take a govt job

When President Barrow named his cabinet, there was one name that missing – Halifa Sallah. Sallah is the leader of the PDOIS party and had been the spokesperson the coalition that backed the president to victory.

Supporters of Halifa Sallah accused the new regime of sidelining the veteran politician but Barrow shortly appointed him his Special Advisor on Policy and Governance.

Sallah spent barely a month in the executive job before resigning, choosing to become a Member of Parliament for the commercial city of Serrekunda.

Halifa Sallah refused to take a cabinet or executive level position in the State House because he does not want to take a job from which he can be fired from and have his stay in the government conditioned by a prerogative wielded by the president.

The Parliamentarian’s move could be seen as nothing but a longterm political maneuver to build up a strong base, especially amongst the growing number of young voters ahead of the next presidential election.

Sallah is a squabble with the State House for describing the change that Barrow to power as a regime change that is still missing a system change.

Barrow fired his right-hand man and trusted advisor, Minister of Interior Mai Ahmad Fatty on Friday for yet unclarified reasons. It has proven Sallah right: that the president has a prerogative to hire and fire, and he had to avoid it.

Being a part of the unity government and getting fired can cap the career of any politician and Hal Sallah knowing this decided to take chances with the future rather than agreeing to what could only describe thus: signing his political death warrant.

Sallah knew that being in the government, he would often find himself on the opposite side of the aisle. He is already seen by some closed to President Adama Barrow as an opposition militant and a political adversary.

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