Gambian migrant shot in Italian asylum camp

Gambian migrant shot in Italian asylum camp

An unidentified Gambian man has been shot inside an asylum camp for refugees hosting hundreds of African migrants, leaving the man in his late twenties in a critical condition at a hospital.

The man was held by his colleagues, who were speaking in local Gambian dialects saying he was shot by one of the camp officials following a disagreement.

“He shot him. It was the camp manager. He has a gun and he shot him,” one of the men holding the wounded migrant said.

Blood was oozing out of the man as helpers put pressure to stop the bleeding. He was shot in the face blowing out his jaw, a voice said in the disturbing video.

Gambian migrants have been subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment in Libya and deplorable living conditions in asylum camps spread across Europe.

The surge in migration is fueling misery and violence in camps. Human rights groups say the camps are inadequate and dangerous.

At least three Gambian migrants reportedly died of gunshot wounds this year. Authorities in the West African country have helped repatriate more than a thousand migrants, especially from Libya where they are held in detention camps.

Human rights groups stepped up their warnings about the living conditions for migrants, adding that the situation is untenable and worsening.

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